Change the world


Island Forest Farm School, is a small school in the Seaview area in Port Elizabeth.   The school is located in an isolated piece of land that forms part of a nature reserve.  The school initially began to cater for the families of the reserve workers; however it has since grown and now caters for all the children living in the nearby community.


Challenges that the school has that we tried to tackle were:

·         Inadequate playing area

·         Boredom and lack of discipline

·         No extra-curricular activities

·         Teachers have limited knowledge of fundamental movement                 skills

·         Lack of storage space




During our numerous visits to the school we:

·         Painted and sorted out the storeroom

·         Painted educational games

·         Made an exercise circuit

·         Put up soccer posts

·         Put up a swing

·         Built benches



We had various ball games going on and also got the students involved in decorating the school building with their hand prints.


We would like to thank our generous sponsors. Without you, none of this would have been possible.  Our lecturer, Dr Walter, said “If you can make a difference in at least one child’s life, the project will be a success,” therefore we believe the project was a major success as it is making a difference for the current and future students of Island Forest Farm School.  And so we would like to extend our gratitude and thank you again on behalf of Island Forest Farm School, our group and Dr Walter for your support in this great initiative.  Thank you!