Change the world



Of the numerous interventions that the PasSport to Health project has currently undertaken, one of them stands out above the rest; That of Nkululeko High School.

Students were dismayed when they saw the state of Nkululeko High School.  The school was initially established as a finishing school for failed matric learners then later converted to a regular high school. Conditions at the school were appalling, with dilapidated buildings, broken windows and evidence of vandalism.  The school’s sport field is jointly used by the school and the community and is plagued by vandalism, and due to the lack of security, could not be a part of the students’ intervention.  But students rose to the challenge and were determined to give the school a new look, in addition to promoting physical activity.
They obtained 800 litres of paint from a sponsor, and initiated a Spring Day Cleanup, as part of their 67-minutes for Mandela.  Learners, teachers and community members pitched up on Saturday 1 September to sand walls and paint.  There was enough paint to paint both the outside and inside of the whole school.  Students also had 14 trees and some shrubs donated to the school, giving the school a much needed facelift!
The most exciting part of the intervention at Nkululeko was the conversion of a derelict and abandoned classroom that stored broken desks into an improvised Outdoor Fitness Centre / Gym. Students used a high pressure cleaner to clean the building and painted colourful and inspiring murals on the walls. The building was used in its present state, with parts of the roof missing, and no windows and doors.  Broken desks were recycled and welded into gym equipment. Various sports and gym equipment was purchased (soccerballs, netballs, beacons, skipping ropes, medicine balls, weights, punching bag and boxing gloves). A Hi-Fi system was purchased for aerobics and taebo.  A “Gym” with a difference was born.  There was not enough time in 2012 to formalize the formation of the fitness club at the school, so students have undertaken to continue with the work next year: training learners and teachers on the correct exercise methods and techniques and gym exercises.  Below are pictures highlighting the transformation.